Take over your operations.

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Keep an eye on every relevant operation undertaken by the vehicles in your municipality

Whether vehicles belong to the municipality or to a contractor, our GPS management tool will allow you to have a bird’s eye view on all the information you deem relevant. Among others, you will be able to visualize:
• the course taken by each vehicle;
• the vehicle’s location at a given moment;
• Its speed;
• whether the vehicle’s motor is on or off;
• hydraulic movements recorded on your trucks;

• air and soil temperature.

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Easily demonstrate the work done

Have proof at hand when you receive a complaint. You will be able to easily demonstrate that all necessary operations were undertaken within the right timeframe.
In addition, you will be able to visualize all operations done by the vehicles. For example, in a snow removal contract, you can see the activities of:
• plow trucks: spreading (location and possibility of knowing the quantities of materials spread) and plowing activities;
• loaders;
• graders;
• snow blowers;
• any other type of vehicle.

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No monthly fees

By using no cellular data transfer, our technology is different from all of our competitors since it requires no monthly fees.

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Customizable reports

It is possible to visualize activity data in either short or detailed reports for a given territory (chosen on map), for a particular period or for one or many vehicles.

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Automatic data recording without human intervention

Place an antenna with an internet connection at the place of your choosing and data collected by your trucks will transfer to Infobite automatically when they are at a distance of 500m to 1km from the antenna. You may also determine more than one point of transfer.

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Save big

Equipped with an ECOBITE, a simple management of your spreading will save you up to 25% in materials for your snow removal contracts.
• Reduce the costs of your contracts.
• Reduce your impact on the environment.
• Better preserve your roads.

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Visualize activity data on a map (Google Maps)

Every report you generate can be visualized either in a list of events or directly on a map. In both cases, each type of event will be easily browsable and displayed according to a colour code allowing you to rapidly differenciate it.

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Connectable with Maintenance Directe and Oscar Road Patrol

INFOBITE can be connected automatically with Maintenance Directe for data transfer as well as with Oscar Road Patrol.