Simplify your operations.

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A controller that is easy to learn to operate

Not only is ECOBITE II PRO one of the most accurate controllers on the market, but your operators will learn to use it right off the bat, thanks to a series of free online video tutorials and a comprehensive user manual. Its ease of use and configuration facilitates the work of operators and technicians, making it an incredibly appreciated controller.

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Designed for your different needs

Whether your goal is to gain accuracy by spreading in automatic mode or to simply work in manual mode, ECOBITE II PRO adapts to your needs by allowing you to choose your configuration. You can find all the explanations to this in our videos and user manuals.

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Save space in the driver cabin

All of ECOBITE II PRO’s technology is found inside one single compact box, which allows you to maximize space in your cabin. You will have nothing else to install in the cab.

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Reduce your operating costs

In addition to being sold at a highly competitive price, ECOBITE II PRO allows you to save up to 25% in material costs in comparison with in-cab manual hydraulic valves. Thus, it will essentially pay for itself within a single winter.

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A controller you can rely on

Since 2010, ECOBITE II PRO has demonstrated its durability, which is why a multitude of municipalities and contractors trust it deeply. In addition, ACE distinguishes itself from competition by being the only manufacturing company that designs and manufactures 100% of its products in Canada, which allows us to offer the very best after-sales service there is.